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Boudoir Photography Spokane

Boudoir Photography Spokane

Spokane residents looking to hire a professional boudoir photography expert will be pleased with the results they get with Kelly Tareski Photography. Kelly Tareski has the experience you’re looking for to provide tasteful boudoir photos you’ll treasure.

It’s not easy making the transition from just thinking about taking intimate portraits and actually hiring a photographer for the job. Naturally, there are numerous questions and concerns that cross your mind before you start hunting around for the right person to allow in to that personal side of your life. While hiring a boudoir photographer can be challenging there are a few questions you can ask yourself to help the process along:

- Perhaps one of the most important questions you can answer is whether or not you feel absolutely comfortable working with a particular photographer. If you have closed off the possibility of hiring a male photographer you’ve also eliminated half of the talent pool out there. Don’t allow yourself to believe that a man is not capable of remaining professional during an intimate shoot. Remain open to all possibilities and you’ll find the perfect pro for the job.

- In the Spokane area, there are plenty of people offering boudoir photography. You’ll want to screen your prospects carefully to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Ask to see portfolios and online galleries to judge for yourself the kind of results you can expect and go with your instinct.

- Does your photographer have experience in intimate portraits or are they simply augmenting their paycheck by adding on supplementary skills? It takes a lot of experience to provide the kind of exceptional results you want. Just because a photographer has finely honed skills in wedding photographer does not mean they have what it takes in this field. Again, ask for some visual results to go by.

- What product are you looking to take home? It’s important to clearly communicate what you want beforehand so there will not be any surprises down the road. Are you interested in an album of intimate photos, a single photo to share with your significant other something a bit more modern, as a video? Answering this question is a great place to start.

- Where do you envision the shoot taking place? Talk with your prospects and share your ideas with them. Be open to listen to any ideas they may have to broaden your scope. The options available are almost limitless, so keep an open mind and perform a bit of research if necessary to find the perfect setting for your intimate shoot.

Above all, don’t wait until that ‘perfect time’ before you decide to schedule a session. With most people, they’ll never find that perfect moment and will regret not having taken advantage of what they had to work with.

Contact Kelly Tareski in Spokane for professional tasteful boudoir photography you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Visit to learn more about what Kelly brings to the table. You’ll love her one-of-a-kind studio/venue that has been designed specifically for Boudoir and Glamour photography! Go online and take a look- you will not be disappointed.

You want the most professional boudoir photography studio in Spokane for your intimate portrait shoot. Hire Kelly Tareski Photography for tasteful, exciting photos you’ll cherish.

If you’re insecure about the way your body looks, don’t be discouraged into thinking you can’t get great results. With the help of a professional, all of your positives will be expertly accentuated, while those aspects of your body that you’re not particularly crazy about will be discretely worked around. Hiring a female for your boudoir photography shoot in Spokane is one of the best ways to ensure you look sexy and attractive.

With a few helpful pointers you’ll be able to screen your prospects so that you work with the right photographer for your needs. Consider the following carefully before making the final decision on who you hire:

- Above all, choose a photographer you feel comfortable with. After all, you’ll be opening up a personal side to them that you most likely rarely allow others to see. When you make a connection, you know you’ve found the right one. For exceptional boudoir photography in Spokane, contact Kelly Tareski for a consultation.

- Are you concerned with exposing more of your body than you would be comfortable with? Keep in mind that a professional will already know that the most attractive and sexy photographs are not always the ones that expose the most but the ones that provide the viewer with suggestions. This is where experience comes into play. The least experienced intimate photographers will insist that you bare more and more skin until you get the results ‘they’re’ looking for, not you. Kelly Tareski has the years of experience you’re looking for.

- You’ll want to take a look at portfolios and galleries of photos before making your final decision. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gallery can certainly tell you everything you want to know about your photographer’s experience and what you can expect for your own results. Visit to look through Kelly’s amazing photo galleries and judge for yourself whether or not she’s the one for your boudoir photography. In Spokane, Kelly Tareski is a local first-choice in intimate portraits.

With intimate portraits, you’re going to get what you pay for. If you decide to skimp on hiring a photographer, you can expect a lower quality of photos and even trashy photos you’ll be embarrassed to show anyone. Hire Kelly Tareski and you’ll get everything you pay for and more.

For more information on professional boudoir photography in Spokane, contact the studio locals have chosen as their top choice in the area. Kelly Tareski has what it takes to deliver exceptional intimate photos you’ll be proud to share with those closest to you.

For fees, go to and click on investment for session lengths and costs on a variety of packages including canvas prints, metal wall art, gallery collections and photo albums. Kelly Tareski’s clients love her prices and they truly cherish her work.

Boudoir Photography Spokane
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Boudoir Photography Spokane
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