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child care Prince George

child care Prince George

Top Tips For Choosing a Child Care in Prince George:

At Prince George Montessori Education Society, we know parents have a lot of options when it comes to child care. As the decision of where to send your child for after-school or summer education should not be taken lightly, we recommend a few simple to follow tips when looking into an educational facility for your child:

Tip #1: If at all possible, obtain a personal referral from a friend or family member. Considered the ‘gold standard’ in testimonials, a personal referral carries much more weight than an online rating or review. Ask around within the Prince George community and see what others are saying about our services. If you’re unable to obtain a referral, consider taking your research to the Web and looking to online directories for reviews. Type our name into your preferred review site or see one of our recommendations: Yelp, Angie’s List, or Google, for example. See how we measure up with our competition- we think you’ll find our reputation exceeds your expectations.

Tip #2: Look for the best value. In short, find out what you’re paying for. We believe we’re offering your child more of what it takes to foster healthy growth of the mind and body, while laying foundational groundwork that sets the stage for a lifetime of love for learning.

Tip #3: Choose a child care in Prince George that fits your budget. Cost compare our child care costs with any other early learning facility to see why we are the top child care and education facility in Prince George. Visit our website to find out more about our costs or call our School at 250-562-6560 with your questions. You can find all of the information you’re looking for regarding fees, registration forms, parent handbook, PAD agreement, credit card authorization, and more, right in our child care section.

Tip #4: Make sure child care is convenient for you. All too often, parents choose a child care in Prince George that doesn’t really meet their needs in one way or another. Our downtown child care facility is located at 1448 5th Ave, central to popular shopping and other convenient locations. We provide full day and partial day programs for children ages 2 1/2 - 5 years from the hours of 8am-5:30pm. Our out of school care for children ages 5-12 runs from 2:50pm-5:30pm with hours of 1:40pm-5:30pm on Wednesdays. We are also proud to offer our Montessori Summer Program for children ages 5-12.

We feel strongly that the Montessori method of learning is the one that is right for every child, regardless of their aptitude or abilities. If you’re looking for child care in Prince George that will inspire your child to develop a love for learning that cannot be quenched, we invite you to visit us online to find out more about what we have to offer. Click the ‘Child Care’ link to get started.

child care Prince George
Prince George Montessori Education Society
child care Prince George
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