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Private High Schools In Broward County

Private High Schools In Broward County

The first step to helping your child excel in all areas is ensuring they attend a private high school. Numerous studies show that private schools provide a better education than public schools. However, finding the best high school for your kid can be challenging. That's why it's important to research beforehand to make sure you enroll your child in the right school. While there are several private high schools in Broward County, Florida, none is top-rated like ours. At Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School, we have been part of the top 50 catholic schools nationwide since 2005 by the Catholic High School Honor Roll. We're everything you need for your child's education and more.

What Makes Us the Best High School in Broward County?

There are several factors to consider before settling on an institution. Compared to other private schools near Broward County, here's why we are the best high school.

  • We're Focused On Leadership

As one of the leading private k-12 schools in Broward County, we aim to motivate our students to become leaders in the community. We achieve this through our clubs that give the students exposure to leadership programs that not only help with their college applications but also prepare them for future leadership roles.

  • Our Student's Needs Come First

Understanding our students' unique needs has enabled us to strategize on how to meet all their needs. As one of the top FL private schools, we are able to maximize learning by knowing the students' weaknesses and addressing them to achieve excellence.

Which Areas Do We Excel In?

Broward County FL private schools shouldn't be all about books. What makes a great high school is the ability to include sports, drama, science, and art into the curriculum. At Archbishop Mccarthy, our students are exposed to various activities to allow them to focus on developing their skills and talents while still succeeding in their school work.

As one of the premier Broward County private schools, we offer a wide range of sporting activities to accommodate the interests of different students. We have achieved excellence in sports and are recognized for taking students to the state championship levels in athletics. In 2009-2010 our own was crowned the Men's Golf State champion—one of our many achievements in sports.

Are We A Technology Oriented School?

Our school has implemented a one-to-one student to iPad ratio—the first of its kind in South Florida. Apart from enhancing the classroom environment, this system improves learning opportunities since students can access textbooks, do assignments, and take notes using iPads. This way, our students can achieve academic excellence. Additionally, we prepare our students to use technology to inspire innovation and strengthen critical thinking.

A Center Focused on Excellence

High school is where students make connections between life skills and book learning. To become successful in life, children must develop a sense of responsibility and work habits needed to thrive in society. All this we teach at Archbishop Edward. A McCarthy while offering a biblical perspective. If you're searching for the best private high schools in Broward County, contact Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School for enrollment to give your kids the quality education they deserve: 954-434-8820.

Private High Schools In Broward County
Archbishop McCarthy High School
Private High Schools In Broward County
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