Sunshine Learning Center is a chain of privately owned centers focused on providing the best Early Childhood Educational experience from infancy to preschool age. Our centers are conveniently located in Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx, with the mission of creating a warm and stimulating atmosphere while inspiring lifelong learners.

Parent Communication

We believe that the quality of early childhood development is dependent on the connection between parents and their care providers. To keep parents involved in their child's education on a daily bases, we use Tadpole software. This software allows
Our teachers to record meals, naps and activities.
Teachers to share photos, videos and notes directly with parents.
Teachers to submit lesson plans up to 4 weeks in advance for the parents to view.
Parents to inform the teacher whether their child will be out as sick or vacation.

Parent Teacher Conferences

To ensure that each child is learning and developing to their fullest potential SLC provides formal parent teacher conferences throughout the year. These conferences provide parents with detailed insight into the curriculum standards and how each goal and objective is aligned to assist the child's development. At SLC, we believe that a major component of an effective curriculum is creating a parent-teacher partnership to ensure positive learning experiences.

Our Centers

Our state of the art educational centers create a learning atmosphere ideal for early childhood education. We equip classrooms with observation windows and security cameras. An electronic access system allows only authorized personnel admittance into our building, to keep our children safe and secure. We offer age specific classrooms that foster exploration, investigation, problem solving and discovery.