Our infant program is designed to create a smooth and happy transition within our safe and friendly classrooms while developing a strong bond with families. Our infant classrooms are thoughtfully arranged to create an open exploration area for play with customized safety flooring for all stages of development. SLC understands the sensitivity of caring and nurturing our infants and strongly emphasizes the importance of maintaining a clean learning environment. Our classrooms are equipped with personal cribs, separate diaper and feeding areas and our "Shoe Free" policy promotes a safe and clean environment for your child to explore.

Our nurturing and experienced teachers create learning experiences focused on your child´s unique individual needs and developmental level.


Your child will immediately receive a warm and welcoming greeting from their teacher. Throughout the day, your child will partake in structured learning activities focusing on individual advancement and growth. Your child will encounter endless opportunities for development and natural discoveries. Our implementation of creative curriculum stimulates and exposes learning concepts in a fun and engaging way while focusing on reaching emerging milestones. Our teachers explore:

Cognitive Development
Language development and communication
Physical Development
Social and Emotional Development
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